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Shrink Sleeving Labeling

When heat is applied to a shrink sleeve label, it shrinks and conforms to the shape of a bottle or container. It is a simple and discrete style that helps brands catch interest even from a distance, giving full print coverage.

Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine

The sachet filling machine works by printing on the sachet material, then turning it into a tube shape, heat-sealing the back, sealing the rim, filling with the desired amount of substance from the hopper at the top of the machine, then sealing and cutting the top to produce a fully sealed sachet of any length between 30-150mm.

Flat Label Full Dry Peel Coupon

The Flat Label Full Dry Peel Coupon is removable, which allows customers to instantly redeem the coupon. Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC) drive sales by offering value and incentive. Encourage repeat purchases or cross promote other brands, all while setting your product apart from those competitors.

Flat Label Extended Content Label

The booklet label replaces the traditional solution of standard label, inserts, and carton, with a secure and user-friendly solution. Booklet labels can be several pages long printed in different color combinations and materials to deliver the best fitting ECL’s.They are the perfect labels for displaying high quantities of patient information on healthcare packaging.

HP Indigo GEM.

Save time, effort and costs with a breakthrough, one-pass digital embellishment solution. Produce high-quality pressure-sensitive labels with an end-to-end, inline narrow web printing process from design file to embellished labels.