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Vitamin Bottle Labels

The Vitamin Manufacturing industry has increased over the past five years due to an increase in demand from a sizeable health-conscious consumer base and an increasingly aging population. In the years to come, the trend is set to continue in the same fashion. Therefore, the need for adequate and appealing packaging will also rise. Consumers expect only the best when it comes to what they put into their bodies.

Here at Labels Lab, we understand the need to have standards in regards to quality. Our production facility, with state-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control measures, produces only the best. This means that the labels and tamper seals that you apply to your bottles will have pinpoint accuracy in regards to text, so that nutrition data can be accurately read. Since we print with no plates or set up fees, ever changing FDA regulations are no longer an issue, and our quick lead time means no more missed deadlines. Also, our account specialists can provide you with the guidance you need when it comes to branding your product. From placement to material to custom tamper seal choice, we will be there to help.

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Powder Bottle Labels

The Supplement Industry is growing at an exponential rate. It is estimated that the Supplement Industry adds roughly 122 billion dollars to the U.S economy. Not only that, but more than two-thirds of Americans also take dietary supplements each year. These statistics reflect the trend of wanting to be healthier, slimmer, or more muscular. This is the reason why your Supplement product needs to stand out and make itself know. You spend countless hours formulating your proprietary blend of quality ingredients, so why not have your packaging reflect this dedication?

At Labels Lab, some of our biggest clients are supplement companies. They trust our experience and expertise in the industry to help safely navigate them from the project's conception to its delivery date. With our staff of knowledgable account specialists, we strive for unique and innovative branding ideas. This will give you the edge needed to surpass the competition and crown yourself as the leader of the industry.

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Vitamin and Supplement Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels are an efficient and popular way to label products that are bottled in complex containers. In addition, the shrink sleeve labels can come on a roll or individually cut and are easy to apply.

Due to our cutting edge digital printing capabilities, a full-color shrink sleeve labels are more affordable than ever. We can print shrink labels in multiple SKUs throughout the same production run in low quantities, and without any plates or set up fees. while allowing your product to maintain the most professional full body shrink sleeves look available.

We strongly recommend printing custom samples to make sure that there are no issues with the application, size, colors, etc before we print the full production run. In addition, we are committed to a 4-6 business days turnaround for our custom samples and the full shrink sleeve printing

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Custom Tamper Evident Seals and Stickers

The safety of your products is always of utmost importance. People buy what they trust, and they trust the knowledge that what they are consuming has not been tampered with. This sense of trust is invaluable to your company, therefore it is a must. Every day there is an increasing concern that the food, medicine, drinks, and supplements that we consume are safe, so why not give your customers that peace of mind?

Here at Lables Lab, we believe in the safety of your customers as much as you do. We offer shrink wrap tamper-evident seals in both PVC and PETG materials so that no matter your application method, you can trust that seals will fit right the first time. In addition, we offer the option of printing your logo right on the seal so that it can be incorporated into your branding and make your product a complete package.

Further, we offer destructible eggshell stickers for those of you who don’t have a heat tunnel for shrink wraps. This sticker goes right over the cap and onto the bottle or container. They cannot be removed without being destroyed.

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Sachets and Foil Pouches

Sachets, sample pouches or packets ​are the most popular ways to offer samples of your product line to potential costumers. The sample pouch can be printed in any size to reflect the amount of product you would like to put in the sample. This effective marketing tool will provide the necessary touch to your marketing collateral, and keep your brand image consistent across the board.

Lately, companies in different industries started positioning the pouches as a one serving item for sale while combining all the different SKUs in the product line. Since our state of the art equipment allows us to print the sachets without any plates or set up fees while maintaining low quantity per SKU, our customers are using this flexibility to offer a better-rounded alternative to send samples to their customers while saving on their bottom line.

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