Beauty, Bath, & Body

Beauty Bath and body
We cover a wide range of Beauty, Bath, & Body packaging and Labeling that may be well suited for your products. The options listed below are some of the services we offer.
  • Lasting Labels for Men’s Bath and Beauty Products
  • Cosmetic Labels That Look Their Best
  • Skincare Labels That Nurture Your Brand
  • Come Clean with Hair Care Labeling
  • Put a Fresh Face on Soap Product Labels
  • Custom Labels for Lip Balms
  • Candle Labels That Illuminate Your Brand
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    Cleaning Supply Labeling

    As some of our best customers come from the private label cleaning supply industry, over time we gained the knowledge and the experience to help you navigate through the challenges surrounding your packaging. We know what it takes to make your brand stand out while keeping our production cost low. This will allow you to transition your saving on to your customer and become ever more competitive without sacrificing image and appeal. Our cutting edge printing equipment allows us to print full-color labels with different finished that will withstand the test of time and provide the durability that is needed to convey the quality of your product over time. Using our HP Indigo 6600 printers LabelsLab is also able to print full-color shrink sleeves that can be adjusted to almost any container shape or bottle. All of this is done without any setup fees and with a short turnaround. Therefore we can address multiple SKUs in the same run, keeping your minimum per SKU low and provide you enormous savings while making your packaging reflect the high quality of your product.
    Cleaning suppplies

    E-Liquid and CBD Products

    E-liquid  and CBD products
    As of 2017, Labels Lab is the top choice for labels and shrink sleeves to over 100 E-liquid and Vape companies in the US alone.
    As the CBD and Hemp industries are growing and projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry, LabelsLab is excited to be at the forefront in helping our customers create and secure a long-lasting brand.
  • E-Liquid
  • CBD
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    Food Products

    Food packaging is of utmost importance for food products. In today's world, the quality of food is judged by its packaging, here at Labels Lab we take care of it for you. Our food packaging is very durable in terms of the prevention of food.
    Listed below are some of the major areas that we serve in the Food industry.
  • Specialty Foods
  • Jar Labels
  • Sauce Labels
  • Wrappers
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    Food products

    Pet Products

    Pet products
    Packaging has a key role in the pet food industry’s robust growth, especially for premium products. The bag or container enables manufacturers to stand out with cat and dog owners who want sustainable options, personalized pet diets, and ingredients that even humans find appealing.
  • Pet Care
  • Pet Food
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    Nutraceutical, Vitamins, and Supplements

    People are being conscious about their health more than ever and competition in this specific industry is growing more. Therefore, the need for adequate and appealing packaging will also rise. Consumers expect only the best when it comes to what they put into their bodies.
  • Vitamin Bottle Labels
  • Powder Bottle Labels
  • Vitamin and Supplement Shrink Sleeves
  • Custom Tamper Evident Seals and Stickers
  • Sachets and Foil Pouches
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    Nutraceuticals ,Vitamins , Supplements

    Water and Beverage

    water and beverage
    A recent study by Package InSight has shown the importance of labels to the success of beverage brands. According to the report, the more use of eye-catching materials to produce bottle labels, it will be easier to stimulate consumer desire to buy and stimulate consumption. Creative and interesting label design trends have penetrated every corner of the beverage market, which is taken care of by Labels Lab already.
    For beverages, that means the product needs to be protected from leakage or contamination during storage and handling
  • Energy Drinks and Shots
  • Soft Drinks
  • Water
  • Juices
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    Wine and Spirits

    Make your wine speak for itself.
    At labels lab we believe that the label and the wine get equal weight when it comes to getting a good market base. Therefore we emphasize creating more minimal and premium wine Labels.
  • Wine Labels
  • Beer Labels
  • Liquor Labels
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