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Lasting Labels for Men’s Bath and Beauty Products

The demand for premium men’s grooming products is greater than ever before, and as a result, the market is all but saturated with new manufacturers’ products. Here at Labels Lab, we understand the challenges you face in a competitive marketplace and offer a variety of creative, cutting-edge packaging solutions that really set your products apart from all the others.

When it comes to labeling, men’s grooming products can present some challenges in printing and application. We offer a variety of options for specialty uses and packaging types that will make your product line look great, save you money and time. We provide a spectrum of the latest label materials and finishes designed to outshine the competition on the men’s bath and beauty shelf. Our custom labels command attention, attracting customers and increasing your sales.

We specialize in labeling that makes a stellar first impression and continues looking great over the life of the product. Whether you offer skincare serums, facial wash, shower gel, shaving products or aftershave balms, we can produce the men’s product labels that reflect beautifully on your brand.

Our packaging specialists can help you choose the right film stock and finish to compliment your design and drive brand recognition.

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Cosmetic Labels That Look Their Best

At Labels Lab, we know that cosmetics labels have to hold up to lots of handling. Between home, work, the gym and evenings out, your cosmetics travel miles each day. We carry tough product label materials that stand up to moist air, temperature changes, and plenty of wear and tear. Our custom labels reflect the high quality, enhanced visibility and dependable durability that are the hallmarks of your cosmetic products, so they look just a beautiful in the tube, jar or bottle as they do when in use.

We understand that your products are constantly evolving to match consumer trends and offer lots of adaptable options. Our varied label materials and finishes add elegance and luster to clearly communicate your upscale product brand.

No matter the size or shape of your cosmetic containers, the staff at Labels Lab delivers labeling that is always an excellent fit. We work with your marketing team every step of the way to ensure that our labels accurately convey your company’s unique brand.

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Skincare Labels That Nurture Your Brand

At Labels Lab, we understand that attractive, high-quality skincare labels reflect well on the product within, so we do our utmost to provide high-end solutions that meet your labeling needs. Lotions, serums, washes, and moisturizers all benefit from beautiful designs and professional label printing that distinguish them from the competition.

At the same time, we recognize that skin care products have unique requirements, depending on their ingredients and their intended usage. Some moisturizers contain oil-based ingredients that call for oil-resistant labeling. Products in squeeze bottles need labels that stay put. Skin cleansers require labels that resist water damage. Our selection of flexible films, clear labels, reflective foil labels, and more provides the answers to all your labeling challenges.

When users get ready to replenish their skincare supplies, you want your products and your brand to be at the forefront of their minds. Durable, permanent labeling from Labels Lab keeps its fresh appearance until the product is all used up, so when your customer's shop, they will have the image of your labels - and your products - firmly in mind.

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Come Clean with Hair Care Labeling

As your packaging partners, our Labels Lab reps understand that inferior labels that flake or come off in the shower do not communicate the quality you want to be known for. Our durable, water-resistant, stay-in-place label materials are an excellent solution. They maintain their fresh, vibrant look despite weeks in warm, moist conditions.

When it comes to hair care, we think the label should look just as vibrant and lovely as glossy, healthy hair. That is why our label printing and materials rely on the latest technology for longevity and lasting beauty.

We print waterproof flexible film labels with specially designed inks and laminate finishes, so your branding is clearly visible despite moist environments and extreme temperature changes. We use permanent adhesives that last. Our popular full-body shrink sleeves conform to any shape or size container for a flawless fit.

With a huge array of colors, materials, and cutting dies to choose from, we help you achieve the right look for your hair care products. Our creative designers work with you to produce the labeling that keeps your products looking fresh and stylish from start to finish.

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Put a Fresh Face on Soap Product Labels

Soap labeling can get you in hot water if you are unfamiliar with packaging regulations. Our Labels Lab experts are here to help.

Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have established rules for soap labels that help protect consumers. If the soap contains alkali salt from fatty acids as its cleansing agents, your labeling must meet CPSC standards. If your cleanser contains alternative cleaning agents, your soap qualifies as a cosmetic and must follow FDA regulations instead.

We suggest waterproof, tear-resistant materials such as foil or film for soap label printing. We can help you select the colors and finishes that optimize product visibility and consumer appeal, so your soap stands out in a competitive marketplace.

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Custom Labels for Lip Balms

Lip balm is a product niche that is overflowing with competing brands. Small in size and typically circular in shape, lip balm packaging presents its own unique labeling challenges, but those of us at LabelsLab have developed the solutions you are looking for.

Whether you package your balms in applicator tubes or dipping pots, your labels need to communicate your brand in a small amount of space while fitting snugly on small, sometimes unusual shapes. Rely on us to supply the label materials and visual design to make your lip balms best sellers.

Users carry their lip balm everywhere, from the ski slopes to classrooms to fancy-dress events. The labels must be tough enough to travel, resistant to temperature extremes and branded to stand out from the fray.

Because we understand the special requirements for lip balm labeling, we often recommend digital printing. It is cost-effective when printing smaller runs with a different design for each flavor.

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Candle Labels That Illuminate Your Brand

Our experienced designers at Labels Lab specialize in creating labeling that complements the character, scent, size, and purpose of your company’s candles. Clear film labels are ideal for cello-wrapped tapers or pillar candles. Brightly colored foil labels dress up holiday-themed jar candles and tins. You can choose a different shade of materials to match the color or scent of each candle in your catalog.

We understand that candle labeling has to withstand temperature fluctuations as well as the potentially damaging effects of chemically based scents. We can suggest the best options to enhance the appeal, durability and aesthetic impact of your products.

Choose a different label design for each item in your candle line, from tea lights to pillars, or let us help create one unifying look that brands your entire collection.

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