How to pick the right label size

The objective of this blog is to educate our readers on how to identify and verify the right label size that will fit correctly on the required container of the product. These simple practices will promote cost savings, efficiency while eliminating wasting time and early mistakes.   

Potential Issues:

When an incorrect size label arrives to you or your co-packer it creates a costly chain reaction and significant delays. The rush to reprint in order to meet deadlines can be costly, rushed and often that the quality of the print is certified in the process. Not to mention the current loss of time and money that was invested into the incorrect-sized labels that just arrived. In addition, the co-packer will lose a day of work while paying the employees their salaries for a job they can not perform. 

This situation can be avoided by a few simple steps we mention below.

Correct Practices for determining the correct label size:

To get into the right habits and avoid those mistakes please follow the steps mentioned below: 
First, you will need your container and cap. You'll need an A4 piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler, tape and a scissor. As well, at Labels Lab our certified packaging consultants will be able to guide you through the process below to ensure we eliminate any doubts or concerns.

Now that we have everything ready, let's begin.

At Labels Lab our certified packaging consultants will be able to guide you through the process below to ensure we eliminate any doubts or concerns.

Step 1 - You'll take your paper and put it in the container. 
Step 2 - Identify the correct size for the labels with your eyes and mark it with the pencil on all 4 points. 

Step 3 - Cut the rectangle shape out of the paper and place it against the bottle and tape it on all four sides, tape it up and down. And now you can see if the size fits.

Please refer to the link below to see a demonstration video.

Once we establish the correct size and shape of the label, let's discuss how to save money on setup. Labels Lab has a library of die-cuts in a variety of shapes and sizes and is available to you for free. Therefore your dedicated packaging consultant will work internally with our production team to find an existing die cut that will work well and eliminate the custom die cut fee. 

Finally, once you receive an outline of the die cut we recommend from your packaging consultant, you will need to print the image at 100% scale, cut the die-cut shape out of the paper and measure it one more time against the container. Make sure that the real size of the die-cut is the same as yours or close to it but never too big. A bit smaller in height or width is acceptable (up to 2 mm of deviation). 

Labels Lab has over 25,000 die cuts in stock and we are confident we will help you avoid mistakes and add cost saving to your new projects that require a custom die cut. 

Please call or email us at for a consultation to discuss the perfect label size and the label that can work best for you. 

Written by:

Stas-Labels Lab
Stas Rachinov