Tamper Evident Seals & Stickers


The safety of your products is always of the upmost importance. People buy what they trust, and they trust the knowledge that what they are consuming has not been tampered with. This sense of trust is invaluable to your company, therefore it is a must. Everyday there is an increasing concern that the food, medicine, drinks, and supplements that we consume are safe, so why not give your customers that peace of mind?

Here at LablesLab, we believe in the safety of your customers as much as you do. We offer shrink wrap tamper evident seals in both PVC and PETG materials so that no matter your application method, you can trust that seals will fit right the first time. In addition, we offer the option of printing your logo right on the seal so that it can be incorporated into your branding and make your product a complete package.

Further, we offer destructible eggshell stickers for those of you who don’t have a heat tunnel for shrink wraps. This sticker goes right over the cap and onto the bottle or container. They cannot be removed without being destroyed.

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