Skin Care

Skin Care Labels That Nurture Your Brand

At LabelsLab, we understand that attractive, high-quality skin care labels reflect well on the product within, so we do our utmost to provide high-end solutions that meet your labeling needs. Lotions, serums, washes and moisturizers all benefit from beautiful designs and professional label printing that distinguish them from the competition.

At the same time, we recognize that skin care products have unique requirements, depending on their ingredients and their intended usage. Some moisturizers contain oil-based ingredients that call for oil-resistant labeling. Products in squeeze bottles need labels that stay put. Skin cleansers require labels that resist water damage. Our selection of flexible films, clear labels, reflective foil labels and more provides the answers to all your labeling challenges.

When users get ready to replenish their skin care supplies, you want your products and your brand to be at the forefront of their minds. Durable, permanent labeling from LabelsLab keeps its fresh appearance until the product is all used up, so when your customers shop, they will have the image of your labels — and your products — firmly in mind.

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