Pet Food

The Pet Food industry is highly innovative, with companies offering top of the line organic ingredients crafted to extend the life and vitality of our furry friends. Everyday, the science and understanding behind nutrition is growing. Naturally formulated from the ground to the bowl, the food that our beloved pets enjoy is more important now than ever.

Here at LabelsLab, we understand how critical the need is to have your packaging reflect not only the healthy aspects of the product, but the quality of each ingredient that is carefully sourced and added to your complete and balanced formula. With our top of the line HP Indigo 6600 printers that print digitally without plates, the quality that you seek will be constant in each run from the first label to the last.

Start with a durable and long lasting label, add finely detailed and vibrant colors, and then finish it off with a soft touch matte or high gloss finish. This is the formula for a packaging solution that will command attention and help your line of quality pet food stand out from the competition.

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