Pet Care

The core of any retail business is to sell a product that a majority of consumers need on a daily basis. As of 2016, 65% of households own at least one pet, so the pet care industry is one of the top selling markets and one that requires unique branding. Whether it is dog and cat shampoo, flea and tick medicine, or anti-urine sprays for those stubborn pals of ours, the branding has to be effective, professional and appealing to the current market.

At LabelsLab, we know how important it is to maintain this unique branding style, while appealing to the broadest consumer base possible.  Our team has the experience to foresee any design issues, avoid delays, and make sure that your label reflects the highest quality possible while also looking out for your bottom line.

Our packaging specialists help you choose the right label stock, custom shrink sleeves, and much more to upgrade the look and feel of your products. We make decisions meant to compliment your design and drive brand recognition. Saving you on your bottom line.

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