Our Materials

Here at LabelsLab, we offer you a wide range of different materials to choose from. Every different product that you sell will have unique needs for its packaging and design. We understand these needs, and our project specialists will help guide you through the selection process to not only find the material that best fits these needs, but one that is cost effective and visually appealing.



Paper – White, Chrome, Estate #8, Neon, Hologram, Double Sided

BoPP – White, Chrome, Clear, Ultra-Clear, Hologram, Flexible, Double Sided

Shrink Wraps:

PVC – For dry heat application

PETG – For steam application


Thin PET – 4 microns thick

Thick PET – 8 microns thick

Tamper Evident:

Seals – PETG, PVC,

Stickers – Eggshell

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