Lip Balm

Custom Labels for Lip Balms

Lip balm is a product niche that is overflowing with competing brands. Small in size and typically circular in shape, lip balm packaging presents its own unique labeling challenges, but those of us at LabelsLab have developed the solutions you are looking for.

Whether you package your balms in applicator tubes or dipping pots, your labels need to communicate your brand in a small amount of space while fitting snugly on small, sometimes unusual shapes. Rely on us to supply the label materials and visual design to make your lip balms best sellers.

Users carry their lip balm everywhere, from the ski slopes to classrooms to fancy-dress events. The labels must be tough enough to travel, resistant to temperature extremes and branded to stand out from the fray.

Because we understand the special requirements for lip balm labeling, we often recommend digital printing. It is cost-effective when printing smaller runs with a different design for each flavor.

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