Jar Labels

Jars are widely used across the food industry and overtime we learned know how create some of the most inviting labels to make your product truly stand out. We offer a verity of label materials and finishes the reflect quality and durability. We recommend to complement the jar cap with a custom tamper seal to increase the branding real-estate. Over time we accumulated a large number of shapes and size die cuts that will help you avoid up front costs. Our fleet of HP Indigo 6600’s allows us to offer low minimums, quick turnaround time and some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

When we help you brand your product we consider things like the product itself, size, shape, jar material, the color of the cap and much more to insure an inviting look and broad appeal. Our packaging specialists can help you choose the right film stock and finish to compliment your design and drive brand recognition. Contact us today to get started.