Hair Care

Come Clean with Hair Care Labeling

As your packaging partners, our LabelsLab reps understand that inferior labels that flake or come off in the shower do not communicate the quality you want to be known for. Our durable, water-resistant, stay-in-place label materials are an excellent solution. They maintain their fresh, vibrant look despite weeks in warm, moist conditions.

When it comes to hair care, we think the label should look just as vibrant and lovely as glossy, healthy hair. That is why our label printing and materials rely on the latest technology for longevity and lasting beauty.

We print waterproof flexible film labels with specially designed inks and laminate finishes, so your branding is clearly visible despite moist environments and extreme temperature changes. We use permanent adhesives that last. Our popular full-body shrink sleeves conform to any shape or size container for a flawless fit.

With a huge array of colors, materials and cutting dies to choose from, we help you achieve the right look for your hair care products. Our creative designers work with you to produce the labeling that keeps your products looking fresh and stylish from start to finish.

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